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Tra'Vani Salon Partners with Mikasa Beauty Company

June 3, 2018

Tra'Vani Salon is pleased to announce a new partnership with Mikasa Beauty. A company specializing in quality makeup brushes and beauty essentials. Tra'Vani Salon is a huge fan and supporter of the brand and only cosigns quality product. Mikasa has a following of over 400k on Instagram @mikasabeauty and commonly features makeup looks using their amazing brushes. 

Head over to www.MikasaBeauty.com  and purchase some amazing quality makeup brushes and beauty  essentials. Tra'Vani Salon in collaboration with Mikasa Beauty will  provide their clients with 25% off of all products on the website. Thats right 25% off anytime and anything you want from the site. All you have to do is type in the

 PROMO CODE: TRAVANISALON25 at the checkout. 

Don't forget to tag @tra_vani on social media and tell them who sent you! :-) Happy Shopping